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Harvest 200 Late Model Rule Package and Pertinent Information

Greetings, racers,

We're here to provide you with the rule package and crucial details for the forthcoming Harvest 200 event.


Event Rules
The rules set by your home track will apply, with exceptions as detailed below.

Pre-Registration and Rule Submission
We respectfully request all racers to pre-register for this event and submit a digital copy of your home track
rules to before September 27th. If a digital copy isn't available, you must
bring a printed version to the tech inspection on Saturday morning.

Friday Evening Practice and BBQ
On Friday evening, there will be a free practice session from 5 PM to 8PM. 
Following that, a barb
ecue will be held for participants $10.

Saturday's Main Event
The main event on Saturday comprises 200 laps, with scheduled pit stops under yellow flags at the 100-lap mark. 
Teams may adjust only the following elements of their cars:
- Fuel
- Tire Pressures
- Suspension adjustments that do not necessitate lifting the car.

Tire Regulations
During Friday night's practice, you may use any tires of your preference. However, Saturday's main 
event enforces a four-tire rule. You must use four new American Racer tires acquired from Penticton Speedway. 
Tires purchased and retained in impound are considered eligible.

Weight Specifications
Weight requirements are as follows:
- Sealed 604 crate: 2,775 pounds
- Open 604 crate: 2,800 pounds
- Left side weight: 59%
- For cars narrower than 67.5", maintain 59%
- APC Cars: 58% left side

Shock Absorber Selection
You are at liberty to use any shock package that aligns with your home track's rules.

You may employ any differential that complies with your home track's regulations.

Frame Height
All vehicles must successfully pass the technical inspection while resting on 4" frame blocks. 
There is no stipulated minimum ride height.

Payouts and Tow are as follows

1st - $2500
2nd - $1500                  3rd -  $750

Island Cars/Saskatchewan/Alberta/USA - $700

Tow out of town $500 B.C.

Local cars $300

These rules and particulars are designed to ensure fairness and adherence to standards during the 
Harvest 200 event. We trust this information will assist you in preparing for the race. We look forward
to your participation at the Speedway.

For more details
Please call Shawn Lapp @ 780 832 6392 or email

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