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Avion RS1 Cup Race Rescheduled

Penticton BC Aug 19, 2023 - In light of the ongoing fire situation in the Central and South Okanagan Valley, Penticton Speedway and Avion Motorsports have made the collective decision to reschedule the highly anticipated Avion RS1 Cup Race.

Originally scheduled to take place on August 19, the Avion RS1 Cup Race was poised to deliver an exhilarating experience for racing enthusiasts and participants alike.

Trevor Seibert, Ingo Seibert, Bryan Weavers, Lee Howarth co-owners of Penticton Speedway, expressed, "Our hearts go out to the communities and individuals affected by the forest fires. In light of the current situation, we believe it is the right decision to reschedule the Avion RS1 Cup Race”

Chris Bolt, Series Director for Avion Motorsports, "We recognize the situation at hand. While we all eagerly await the racing event, the support of the community must take precedence."

The rescheduled date for the Avion RS1 Cup Race is tentatively set for October 7th. The confirmation of the new date will be communicated to all customers and participants in the near future. Tickets from the current race event can be used for any Penticton Speedway event in 2023.

Penticton Speedway and Avion Motorsports extend their gratitude to all participants, and fans for their understanding and support during this challenging time.


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