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Avion RS1 Cup Series: Power, Precision, and Pro Drivers: July 22 2023 Event 1 of 2

Get ready for an exhilarating day of premier racing action as the Avion RS1 Cup Series makes its highly anticipated return to Penticton Speedway on July 22. The Avion Motorsports team brings this prestigious series to the speedway twice a summer, providing spectators with the opportunity to witness heart-pounding racing featuring spec-built race cars driven by professional drivers from across Western Canada. Led by owner Trevor Seibert, a retired professional driver with an impressive racing background, the Avion RS1 Cup Series promises an unforgettable experience for racing enthusiasts of all ages.

Avion RS1 Cup Series: Power, Precision, and Pro Drivers:

The Avion RS1 Cup Series showcases spec-built race cars with over 480 horsepower, modern chassis, and top-of-the-line performance. These impressive machines, driven by professional drivers from Western Canada, deliver unparalleled speed, skill, and precision on the track. Led by Trevor Seibert, whose extensive racing career includes victories and championships in various racing disciplines across North America, the Avion Motorsports team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the series.

Notable Achievements and Rising Stars:

Trevor Seibert's remarkable racing career is punctuated by notable achievements, including holding the fastest-ever recorded lap time by the Sports Car Club of America on a half-mile oval and winning the prestigious Gilles Villeneuve Memorial Award in 1993 for Outstanding Skill and Determination. Now, as the driving force behind the Avion RS1 Cup Series, Trevor continues to contribute to the racing world by showcasing top-tier talent at Penticton Speedway.

He will be competing with long-time professionals such as Sean McIntosh, Jason White, Noel Dowler, also on the track is rising star Yianni Krystos, who has worked his way up through the classes at Penticton Speedway. Making his debut in the RS1 Series this year as a rookie, Yianni brings his passion and talent to the competition. Holding the track record in a Street Stock at the Speedway, Yianni's skills and determination are sure to impress racing fans as he vies for victory in the Avion RS1 Cup Series.

Equalized Competition and Championship Glory:

What sets the Avion RS1 Cup Series apart is the emphasis on equalizing the variables on the track. Each RS1 car is built the same and meticulously maintained by the Avion Mechanics and pit crew. This ensures that the skill and talent of the drivers shine through, providing an exciting and fair racing experience for both competitors and spectators. With the Avion RS1 Series also racing at Area 27, the 2023 champion will be determined based on points earned throughout all five races, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

Entertainment Beyond the Track:

In addition to the high-octane racing action, the event will feature the ever-popular "King of the Hill" challenge, where spectators can enter their passenger vehicles and race for bragging rights and a chance to win a cash prize. Pre-registration is required for this event, and drivers must bring their own safety gear.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, there will be a live band and a food zone featuring a variety of food trucks. So, take a break from the thrilling races, enjoy the music, and indulge in delicious fare from the diverse food offerings available.

The Avion RS1 Cup Series at Penticton Speedway promises to deliver a day of racing excitement that will leave you breathless. From the power and precision of the spec-built RS1 cars to the skill and determination of the pro drivers, this event is a must-see for racing enthusiasts. Don't miss your chance to witness the Avion RS1 Cup Series in action, where speed, talent, and fair competition take center stage.

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