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Best Upcoming Racing in BC

Feel the thrill and power this summer at one of the many exciting car racing events taking place in Penticton, BC. At the newly renovated race track, Penticton Speedway will feature several gripping races featuring super monster trucks, street stocks, Wescar late models and hornets! Since 1969, Penticton Speedway has been home to stock car racing in the valley. We feature the Canadian Super Truck racing series, Avion Motorsports racing, Wescar late model touring series and more! The new owners of Penticton Speedway have been working on renovating and upgrading the track, creating three distinct lanes with more banking for drivers to move further up the racetrack and allow exciting door to door racing. Presenting you with a more exciting experience. Read on to learn about our upcoming racing events in BC.

Malicious Monster Truck Tour

The Malicious Monster Truck tour is an event you do not want to miss. Featuring the world’s biggest, baddest and loudest trucks, Penticton Speedway guarantees you the thrill of high-adrenaline performance, extreme automobile tricks and blood-pumping action! Take a trip down memory lane as you see your favourite RC monster trucks live at Penticton’s Speedway. Book your front row seats to watch the spectacular Spitfire breathe flames, fly over cars and demolish anything that comes its way.

King of the Hill

Gear up for this summer’s King of the Hill race. Not only will you enjoy the thrill of the race, but you will also get the opportunity to bring your truck, car, etc., down to the racetrack and sign up for the race! You’ll start the race parked at the start/finish line, waiting for the flagger’s green signal. The fastest timed car to finish one lap will move up to the next race, eliminating the loser. The last car standing is crowned the King of the Hill. Get your helmet on, your engines ready, and come on down to Penticton Speedway for the race of the lifetime!

Western Rattler 300

Penticton’s Remarkable 22-year-old Ellie Dunseith will join one of the biggest racing events in Canada, the Venom 100 for Street Stocks. The skillful driver began her career at the age of 16 in a car built by her long-time racer grandfather and Crew Chief, Andy Dunseith. Join the fans as they eagerly wait to see Dunseith’s debut with her new team, car and colours in April ’22.

Join The Thrill!

Book your tickets today to see the latest racing events in Penticton, BC. Contact us for more details.


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