For a Fast and Furious Summer, Visit Penticton Speedway!

The crafted corners, the vintage body and the customized wheels will take you on a trip down memory lane. The loud exhaust and roar of the engine will vibrate your seat as the cars get ready to sprint through the track. You will experience the thrill of the race as your favourite driver slides through the cars trying to maintain the first position on every lap. This summer, Penticton Speedway presents you with several late model racing events that will send shivers down your spine.

Summer 2022 has brought memorable events at Penticton Speedway, where our audience saw their favourite national drivers hurdling around the short track on their specially made 4-wheels speed demons! Read on to know more about Penticton Speedway's late model racing events.

Western Rattler 300

Late Models are among the most popular classes of race cars on the short tracks of North America. They are low-riding, aerodynamically slick cars that hurdle around a short track striving to be the fastest car to finish the race. At the Western Rattler 300, featuring both street stocks and late models, you will get the chance to see the latest and greatest model cars race across the asphalt live! Enjoy this magnificent event filled with speed, excitement, and never-ending adrenaline stunts with your family in Penticton Speedway.

Young Guns Memorial Weekend

Since the late 70s, late model short track racing became the sportsman's favourite sport, giving drivers the space for customization and creativity while maintaining a hint of vintage design. At the Young Guns Memorial Weekend, you can enjoy two days of WESCAR late models, street stocks, hornets, super trucks, dwarf cars and hit-2-pass entertainment. Mark your calendars for summer '23 and don't miss out on the excitement, thrilling races, and high-adrenaline stunts!

Late Model Racing Events

The following events will also include late model car racing throughout Summer 2022:

  • King of The Hill

  • Gordy Mannes Memorial Invitational

  • Regular Season Racing

  • Wescar Late Models

  • Avion Sprint Cars

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