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Kelly Admiraal Takes the Wheel: Penticton Speedway's New Sponsored Driver for the RS1 race this week

Buckle up for some exciting news! Penticton Speedway is thrilled to introduce our newest sponsored driver, the talented Kelly Admiraal, who will be steering the #16 Penticton Speedway RS1 in the upcoming race.

This weekend, Kelly will be taking the wheel, usually reserved for none other than track co-owner, Ingo Seibert. We promise high-octane action and fierce competition on the track. Kelly Admiraal brings with him a wealth of experience in the world of motorsports. As a former NASCAR Nationwide Series Driver, he has already made a name for himself in the stock car racing world, demonstrating his skill and determination in reaching the highest echelons of the sport. Currently, Kelly is a contender in the #8 late model class, competing at racetracks all across Canada. His achievements locally include a 2nd place qualifying position in the Western Rattler 300.

"Kelly is a skilled driver and he is capable of winning this race at our track against a formidable lineup of other talented drivers. It won't be easy but Kelly thrives on challenges." says Ingo Seibert.

His journey in motorsports began at the tender age of 7, and ever since, he has been honing his skills and pushing his limits. Now, he stands ready to prove himself in the #16 Penticton Speedway RS1 and show the world why he's a true contender for the top spot.

As the countdown to the race begins, we invite all our loyal and passionate fans to rally behind Kelly Admiraal. If you are looking for a driver to cheer for, get behind the #16 Penticton Speedway car.

Mark your calendars and secure your tickets now! You won't want to miss the action-packed event at Penticton Speedway.

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us as we witness the adrenaline-fueled showdown on the track. Penticton Speedway promises an unforgettable race, and we can't wait to share the excitement with all of you!

Tickets are on sale online, use the code RS1July for a discount on your pre bought tickets. Adult tickets will be $25 at the gate.

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