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Monster Truck Weekend For The Family!

Summer 2022 is starting with a BANG as we come out of strict covid mandates, ready to present you with electrifying events every weekend. If you’ve been following your favourite truck since Bigfoot 5, or you’re just here for the crash, Penticton Speedway’s Monster Truck event guarantees you high-adrenaline performance, mind-blowing tricks and unforgettable crashes for years to come.

Are you ready for two nights of car-crushing monster trucks and car racing action this summer? Saddle up for some of the biggest, baddest trucks to take over Penticton Speedway’s massive monster truck event in May 2022. You will watch the trucks you have grown to love and adore at The Malicious Monster Truck Tour as they perform exciting tricks that will get your blood pumping! Read on to learn more about our Monster Truck events happening in May 2022.

Monster Truck Tour

The Rock Star, Identity Theft, Spitfire, Skeletor and more will make a memorable appearance in this year's Monster Truck tour. Custom-built claws, hydraulic arms, and 3D dragon body trucks will compete on the Penticton Speedway’s track back-to-back on May 14th and 15th, 2022.

Don’t Miss These Tricks!

This spring, you will experience plenty of exciting Monster Truck moments, promising to perform the most incredible tricks in history! There’s nothing like watching a Monster Truck perform a full 360-degree rotation and land back on its wheels. The first driver to pull off this trick successfully was Cam McQueen in 2010, and drivers are famously known for attempting this thrilling stunt.

The Monster Truck tour gets crazier every year, with drivers trying the front, reverse and double backflip, nose wheelies, moonwalk and trying to get a 12,000 lbs. Monster Truck up in the air. There isn’t a dull moment in the Monster Truck tour as the drivers strive to provide you with exhilarating shows that will pump you up! With endless fun doing the cyclone, dry hop and pogo, you are guaranteed thrilling tricks all night long.

Come On Down

And bring the family along! At Penticton Speedway, every family member will experience an eventful night filled with enjoyment. Contact us to book your Monster Truck tour tickets and ask about our itinerary of family fun activities.


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