Old Soul, New Design

If you’re in BC this summer, don’t miss out on experiencing some of Canada’s most exciting car racing. You might have heard of Penticton Speedway and know of the great oval track racing at the track, but did you know that it has been fully renovated in the past two years? That’s right. Penticton Speedway is now an improved race track in BC, featuring the latest stock cars, late models and hornets racing events. Read on to learn about our upcoming racing events and how to book.

Western Rattler 300

One of the biggest racing events in Canada is the Western Rattler 300, which is taking place on the one and only Penticton Speedway. On Friday, April 29th, the race will feature late models, and stock cars will race on Saturday, April 30th. Buckle up for a wicked weekend at the Western Rattler 300 event this summer!

Monster Truck Tour

Book your tickets for the Malicious Monster Truck tour also happening at Penticton Speedway for an action-packed weekend. We might have renovated our tracks, but we still love some good ol’ dirt-eating monster trucks. Watch our courageous drivers pull off the craziest stunts with custom-built claws, hydraulic arms and 3D dragon body! Join us this summer for a demolition derby at Penticton Speedway.

RS1 Series

It’s fast, it’s professional, it’s Avion RS1 Series! Avion Motorsports Inc. supports the development of aspiring drivers that display professionalism, determination and, most importantly, a high skill level. The fastest growing motorsport series in Canada with 28 cars racing for championships in the novice and pro series.

King of the Hill

Eager to get behind the wheel and experience the need for speed thrill? Fasten your seatbelt for the King of the Hill race this August! You will get the chance to compete in a race using your personal truck, car, etc. The winner moves to the next round, and the loser is eliminated. The last man standing is crowned the King of the Hill!

Ready To Roll?

Book your tickets today and experience the excitement on BC’s newest racing track! Contact us for more information on dates and upcoming events.