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Speedway Spooktacular 2023: Where Halloween Meets Horsepower


Penticton Speedway roared to life on the beautiful fall day of October 28th, as over a thousand spectators gathered under the sunny skies to witness a spectacle like no other - the Speedway Spooktacular, a Hit-to-Pass Championship event. The air was filled with excitement and anticipation, and the crowd, most of them dressed in creative costumes, added a vibrant touch to the event.

The front stretch of the Speedway turned into a Halloween haven, with Trick-or-Treating taking place among the Hit-to-Pass cars, each adorned in imaginative costumes. Among the eye-catching transformations were a ghoulish Princess Peach, a menacing black shark, Blues Brothers, and even a construction-themed car, showcasing the creativity of both the drivers and the fans. Adding to the spectacle, Speedway Hornet drivers creatively dressed their Legend cars as Mario Karts, adding a touch of gaming magic to the event. The racers for the day included Kayle Shaw, Rick Richet, Adam Glousher, Rick Digby, Jenna Westoby, Justin Bandura, Brennan Bishke, Darcy Holmberg, and Brandon King

The racing action kicked off with the qualifying rounds, determining the fastest among the contenders. Rick Digby emerged as the speedster of the day, clocking an impressive time of 17.03 seconds. As the day progressed, the excitement reached a fever pitch with a twist in the finals - a challenging King of the Hill race, where cars had to race backward on the track, testing the drivers' skills and the resilience of their cars. In the end, it was Digby who triumphed.

The fun didn’t stop there! A flagpole race was set up, featuring a large tractor tire on the backstretch. The drivers had to navigate around the tire, bumping into each other in the process. However, even the crowd favorite, Rick Digby, wasn't spared from the intensity of the race, with his car succumbing to a broken front right wheel bearing.

During the intermission, the Speedway treated the adult attendees to an entertaining costume contest, with the prize being concert tickets to My Mother Earth and The Tea Party, courtesy of the Penticton Trade and Convention Center. The creative duo, Cortney Cullen and her friend dressed as the Bride of Chucky, walked away with the coveted prize, adding a touch of spooky elegance to the evening.

The grand finale, the Pumpkin Smash Hit-to-Pass race, was a sight to behold. Over 200 pumpkins were scattered across the track, creating a chaotic yet thrilling atmosphere. The competition was fierce, and in the end, it was the Spider who emerged victorious over the Killer Bee, with Kayle Shaw securing the top spot, followed by Josh Bandura in second place and Darcy Holmberg in third.

As the pumpkin seeds settled, the Speedway Spooktacular came to a close, leaving behind memories of adrenaline-pumping races, creative costumes, and a spirit of camaraderie. The event wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated racers, passionate fans, and hardworking staff and volunteers. The Speedway Spooktacular 2023 was truly a spooktacular success, marking the end of a fantastic season at Penticton Speedway.

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