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Excitement Builds for the Open Wheel Extravaganza at the Penticton Speedway

The thrill of high-speed racing returns to Penticton Speedway with the highly anticipated Open Wheel Extravaganza on June 7th and 8th! This year's event promises to be a spectacular showcase of speed, skill, and adrenaline-pumping action that will leave fans on the edge of their seats.


June 7th: Can-Am Sprints and Winged Sprint Practice

The excitement kicks off on June 7th with the Can-Am Sprints, featuring a record-breaking 37-car count for the Can-Am Sprint series. This unprecedented turnout ensures fierce competition and a night filled with heart-stopping moments as drivers from both sides of the border battle for supremacy on the track.


In addition to the Can-Am Sprints, fans will get a sneak peek at the Winged Sprints during their practice sessions. These incredible machines, known for their blistering speed and agility, will be tuning up and testing their limits in preparation for the main event on June 8th.


June 8th: Winged Sprint Races

June 8th marks the pinnacle of the Open Wheel Extravaganza with the much-anticipated Winged Sprint races. The North West Sprint Tour Winged Sprints are renowned as the fastest cars to grace the Penticton Speedway, and they hold the current lap record. Their high-powered engines and aerodynamic wings allow them to reach mind-boggling speeds, making every lap a thrilling spectacle.


Fans can expect to witness breathtaking overtakes, strategic maneuvers, and intense rivalries as drivers push their limits to claim victory. The roar of the engines, the smell of burning rubber, and the sight of these powerful machines racing around the track at breakneck speeds create an electrifying atmosphere that is not to be missed.


Join Us for an Unforgettable Weekend

The Open Wheel Extravaganza at Penticton Speedway is more than just a race; it's a celebration of motorsport excellence. Bring your family and friends to enjoy a weekend filled with fast cars, great food, and an unforgettable racing experience.


Mark your calendars for June 7th and 8th and get ready to witness history in the making. Whether you're a die-hard racing fan or a newcomer to the sport, the Open Wheel Extravaganza promises to deliver an action-packed weekend that will leave you craving more.


Don't miss out on the fastest and one of the most thrilling events of the season at the Penticton Speedway.

See you at the track!


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