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Tech Questions


Welcome to Penticton Speedway! We are committed to providing an exciting and fun experience for all of our racers. As part of this commitment, we are launching our new FAQ page. Here you can find answers to questions related to any technical questions our racers have submitted over email.

We aim to create a transparent environment for our racers, so all questions and the corresponding decisions made by the tech committee will be listed on this page. We are confident that this page will provide our racers with the information they need to have the best racing experience possible.


Question 1

Q: Good day. I noticed that you removed the 14" wheel option for this year but added a 16" wheel. I am already set up for a 14" tire and wheel and have been running that for a while. 15" wheels don't fit on my car very easily.  Can I still run my 14s? Also, what are the parameters for the DOT tires?


A: I am sorry that was an oversite. 13" and 14" wheels are still an option going forward. It was not my intent to cause unnecessary costs. 

DOT Tires must be above 350 tread wear rating. We are still working on finding a standard tire for the class. 

Question 2

Q: Good day, I have a question about the OEM fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure gauge. I understand why the rule is there. But isn't it a little overkill to have an OEM regulator AND make us install a fuel pressure gauge? Or did you mean to say? Must have either an OEM regulator or a gauge when an aftermarket regulator is used and set to factory fuel pressure. 

A: Thank you very much for your question! I will be honest No I never meant to write it the way you put it. But in hindsight, it should be written the way you have it. I will put together an amendment to the rules written the way you have put it.  Thank you for your question.

Question 3

Q: I am concerned about the size requirement for the DOT tire. That size is proving very hard to get my hands on.  Do you have any options you can give or direction?

A:  Thank you for your question. I have been running into the same issues with the Speedway cars. We are running the OEM Integra tire size for the first race on 4 of the cars. We opted for an inexpensive offshore tire from OK Tire. This last week I have been working with Jordan from Mobile Tire and More. He has a couple of options that are close to the same size as the American Racer we have been running. It is not going to be perfect. But the transition to DOT tires is intended for racers to be able to buy good used tires and or open up the option of having a tire shop come on as a race car sponsor with the hope of decreasing the cost.  I guess what I am saying is we are looking for a tire that is close to the same circumference as the AR. We don't want to suddenly see cars with a bunch of stagger.

Question 4

Q: The other day I was at Pick N Pull looking for 205/60/15 tires for my Hornet and I found very few vehicles with that size available. One thing I did notice is that 195/65/15 are plentiful. I looked into the outer diameter and it is nearly identical to the 205/60/15. Would you consider allowing the 195/65/15 ?  Racers can pick good used ones up for very cheap.

A: Thank you very much for your email. I looked up the size comparison between the two tires and it shows only a 1.2% variance between the two options. The intent behind the switch to DOT is to make it more affordable.  We are going to post a revision to the tire rule opening things up a little to decrease the running costs for everyone.

Street Stocks


Question 1 

Q: Hi, I have a question about street stock rules. I have a hobby car that confirms the Hermiston or track. Would you allow aluminum performer intakes and Holley 2bbl carbs?

A: Thank you for reaching out.

I took a bit of time to look over your home track rules. 

They are relatively close to what we would call a Classic street.

Are you running a built or a crate? 

What does your car weigh?

The Intake is a tough one. Last year we put out foot down in order to reign a few things in and the built engines had to run an OEM cast intake and a 2bbl Rochester. 

What race or races are you interested in coming up for?

Q: Thanks for getting back to me. It is a 70s Camaro with built 350. Flattops, stock rotating, .500 lift hydraulic cam, Holley 2bbl. It’s an old car built in about 1990 and weighs a ton, with me in it it’s about 3300. 

I was still debating about the Viper race next weekend if I could get a crew together, otherwise, I would like to start going to invitationals if tracks have them. 

A: Man, this is a very tough one. We have had to take a hard line on intake and carbs up here.

But In light of your car weighing 3300lbs. we will allow the intake and 4412 carb.

Question 2

Q: I’m still waiting for the trailing arms I ordered for the 9-inch I’m putting in my car and they are not going to be here until the middle of May. Can I put the stock 10 bolt back in for the Rattler?

A: Yes That will be permitted for one event.

Question 3

Q: At my home track we are permitted to run both 350s and 400s with the 350 engines weighing 3200 and the 400s weighing 3300 lbs. I have a couple of 406s and would like to come and run your track. I also am wondering about carbs would I be able to run my 4412?

A: After reviewing our track rules vs ours I am sorry but a built 406 with a 4412 would not be permitted. 

Question 4

Q: Hi, as per our conversation, I will try to outline my case for a compromise to the 3200# Built motor weight rule.
I believe our is very close to a classic but understand it does not meet the full definition. 

Why it’s a classic.

  • Stock roof and quarters with A-pillars

  • Stock floor pan and firewall on driver's side.

  • Rear Drum Brakes

  • Steel unaltered OEM front brake calipers, standard GM rotors

  • Full Frame car no fab rear clip, or front 

Why It's not.

  • Plastic fenders and hood

  • Transmission cross member was removed to allow for an X to be installed in the frame however with the stock firewall engine is not moved significantly back. 

The car has front and rear load bolts, aftermarket upper A-arms, 9” conversion, and a 3 link which I do believe is allowed in classic stock rules.


I'm not asking to run at 3000lbs because I know we don’t meet the full definition, However, I don’t believe we deserve to run at 3200lbs as we don’t meet the full definition of street sock rules as well.


Because we try and keep this car legal for other races in BC and to avoid making costly changes to the car to run it at 3200#s, my ask is that we can compromise a fair deal @ 3100 lbs Total, 55% Left, and 49% Rear.  I would say that’s a 100# penalty and a loss of 1 % rear.

A: We are willing to allow you to run at 3100 lbs, with 55%left side and 49% rear weight, To counter the weight benefit that a composite hood and fenders provide we will require 10 lbs affixed to the hoop above the upper control arms on each side of the car. 20 lbs total. Weight is to be mounted no further back than 8 inches to the center of mass, from the center line of your upper a-arm. 


This is under the strict condition that your car follows the rules to a T. 


For example, if we were to find items like a lightened flywheel or clutch pack, a lightweight driveshaft, the missing transmission gears.

You would be disqualified from the event and would not have the 100lb allowance moving forward.

Rule 4.5 allows chassis X reinforcement on full-frame cars.


Hit to Pass


Question 1

Q: I am wondering if I can run my f 250 truck for crash to pass I've had people say I can so I want to he sure 

A: F250 will not be an option, unfortunately. We have gone back and forth on this multiple times in an attempt to allow you guys to grow your class safely. We are for now limiting trucks to 1/2 ton 2wd chassis. Bumper heights must be in line with other competitors' cars.

Late Models

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