Lots of work happening

Changes are happening

Heavy machinery

Lots of work happening


Only days after the March 8th sale of Penticton Speedway was finalized, Lake Excavating Ltd. began mobilizing equipment to start work on Phase I of the facility improvements. The objective with the updates is to provide a heightened experience for the fans, racers, sponsors and all involved with Penticton Speedway.

Since this time, the new and previous owners have diligently been working to significantly cleanup the grounds to make room for improved event parking and to facilitate construction. 


The track itself is seeing dramatic changes and will feature progressive banking through turns three and four. When completed there will be four distinct lanes with more banking as drivers move further up the racetrack. Beginning with 6 degrees at the bottom and progressing through 9, 12 and ultimately 16 degrees on the outside lane to promote higher speeds, side-by-side racing and a more exciting fan experience.

In addition, the front straight has been redesigned and widened by two car widths, which required a new wall and realignment for turn one to match the increased track width.


New LED floodlighting will be added to better illuminate the entire track surface, as well as catch fencing that allows for trackside viewing while ensuring proper safety for fans. When we can welcome fans back to take in the sights and sounds, they can expect to enjoy the new bleachers.


“Every day as we work on improvements, people are dropping in to express their excitement and appreciation that the facility is being upgraded and expanded,” stated Penticton Speedway Co-owner Ingo Seibert. “The community support from racers, sponsors and fans has been tremendous” he added. Seibert carries on saying, "we would also like to thank some volunteers who gave up their own time and really helped us to accelerate the schedule. Special thanks to Ken Rife, Hajeir Mazinani, Lee Howarth, Bryan Wevers and Billy Coles. Thank you for pitching in, getting in the dirt and making a difference."

Keep checking back for regular renovation updates. Race season will be here soon!