Penticton Speedway General Rules



  1.      Interpretation of these rules is at the discretion of Penticton Speedway. Their decision is final.

  2.      These rules are designed to be restrictive. All interpretations of rules are to be made by Penticton Speedway. If you are unsure of how to interpret a specific rule, please ask for clarification. Each Racer is responsible for knowing and understanding the rules.


Running Rules

  1.      Please see Penticton Speedway Running Rules


Transponders & Raceceivers

  1.      Transponders AND Raceceivers are MANDATORY

a.      Transponders must be on your car at all times, including all practice sessions. 

b.      Any driver found to not have an operational raceceiver is subject to loss of points or being parked. 

  2.      Transponders should be mounted on the right rear frame rail 12” from the axle centreline. 


Driver Safety & Eligibility FOR ALL CLASSES


  1. Head & Neck restraints are MANDATORY. (HANS Device recommended)

  2. Full containments seats are highly recommended.

  3. Aluminum racing seats are required and must be mounted directly to the roll cage, or chassis with a minimum of 6-  ⅜” steel bolts. 4 in the driver seat area, and 2 in the driver shoulder area.

  4. A minimum of a five point SFI Seat Belt harness is required. Must be manufactured for racing use. Must be properly mounted to the vehicle/roll cage utilizing manufacturer guidelines. 

  5. Seat Belt Harnesses must have date tags and cannot be more than 5 years old. Belts without date tags will be considered expired.

  6. Window nets are mandatory. Must be properly mounted to the roll cage and fill the window opening appropriately. Latch must be a metal-to-metal harness style seat belt mechanism.

  7. Minimum single layer Nomex driving suits are mandatory. Double Layer suits and fireproof underwear highly recommended. 

  8. Fireproof racing shoes are mandatory.

  9. Fireproof racing gloves are mandatory.

  10. Steering Wheel pads are mandatory.

  11. All fireproof clothing must be clean free of solvent contaminants, in good condition with no rips or tears.

  12. Snell 2005 or newer full-face helmets are mandatory. No motorcycle helmets. 

  13. Each Car MUST have a minimum 2 lbs Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher mounted with a quick release metal bracket inside the driver compartment within reach of the driver. 

  1. Eligibility:

    1. All competing Driver’s must be in good standing with Penticton Speedway.

    2. Driver changes during an event night are not allowed, unless approved by Penticton Speedway.


Championship Eligibility

Single & Multi Driver teams are allowed

Single Drivers:

  1. Single Drivers are allowed a maximum of 2 backup drivers per season.

  2. A valid reason (health, work, financial, family) must be presented and approved by Penticton Speedway for the use of a backup Driver to be approved. 

  3. All backup Drivers must be approved by Penticton Speedway

  4. Extenuating circumstances beyond what is outlined here will be reviewed by Penticton Speedway.

Multi Driver Teams:

  1. Driver Teams will be acknowledged as such. A single driver will not be given credit for accomplishments of a Driver Team. 

  2. Driver Teams must register at the beginning of the season. 

  3. Driver Teams are not allowed backup drivers

  4. Extenuating circumstances beyond what is outlined here will be reviewed by Penticton Speedway.


2021 Technical director 

                                    For questions regarding technical issues please Jeff Steenbakkers: