Rule Book Disclaimer:

- NO express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules or regulations.
- The rules and or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.
- They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.
- The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his or her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is FINAL!
- NO express or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications.

Track Rules - All Classes:

- The car driver/owner must declare what year, make and model the car is. All parts must conform to the technical specifications for that year, make and model. Specifications must be provided, when requested.

Safety Rules


- Persons entering the pits must sign a liability release and be associated with a car, or have an appropriate visitors permit, i.e. Press.
- Drivers are responsible for all crew signed in under their car number.
- No one under the age of 19 allowed in the pits or restricted area without both parents written consent. Entry to Pits at Pit Boss discretion not Tech. Parental consent forms are available at the Pit Gate or from the Tower and must be properly signed and witnessed.
- Everyone in pits must wear shirts, long pants and appropriate shoes at all times.
- Clothing rules will be enforced before being allowed to enter the Pits. This includes Track Officials.
- Entry to pits at Techs discretion after pit gate is closed.
- Absolutely no radio equipment, i.e. 2 way walkie-talkies etc. except for Track Officials & Sportsman cars.
- No crossing the track without permission of the Pit Boss and or Flagman. No exceptions.  Violators are subject to fines and or suspension and or loss of points.

- NO alcoholic beverages or drugs to be consumed before or during racing.
- Any unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will be subject to fines and or suspensions and or loss of points at the discretion of the executive.
- Offenders are subject to fines and or suspensions and or loss of points earned to date.


- Driver must be a Penticton Speedway club member in good standing, or provide proof of membership in a recognized club.
- No racing until current membership and all outstanding fines are paid in full.
- When racing, driver must wear an approved minimum 1 ply, single layer full-length fire suit.
- Fire suit must have a SF-1 label.
- A Snell 90 (or better) helmet in good condition is required.
- Drivers must wear an approved and fastened helmet while on track.
- Eye protection mandatory with glass windshield. Recommended for all others. Neck brace is optional. Fireproof gloves mandatory.
- Rookies must attend a practice or test and tune before competing.
- Rookie drivers must have a clearly visible ribbon attached to the back of the car. Ribbons are available from the Tech. Committee.


- All cars must receive and pass a safety inspection before practicing or competing on the track. When passed a sticker will be placed on the roll cage.
If a car is declared unsafe, it will not be allowed to participate on that day.
- All cars must be equipped with a racing approved, minimum 5-point harness in good condition.
- Safety harness must be no older than 8 years.
- Driver's window must have an approved safety net with a quick-release catch at top. Mount with a minimum 3/8-inch diameter unthreaded steel rod, top and bottom.
- Mufflers are mandatory and must be in good working order. Must be below 95-db. Cars will be tested while timing in and the reading will be taken from the Tower and the Pits.
- All cars must have an approved fire extinguisher, minimum 2 1/2-lbs, securely mounted within the driver's reach. No tape.
- All cars must also have a 5-lb. extinguisher in the pits.
- An approved fire safety system is an option.
- NO antifreeze. Use of antifreeze will result in loss of points and or fines for the day.
- Steel inline fuel filter only. No plastic or glass fuel filters permitted.
- Recommend inner door panels or anti-intrusion plates on driver's door.
- Number is required on both doors. Minimum 18-inch high, minimum 3-inch wide stroke. Numbers must be one color only, may have small outline. No metallics. Numbers must be contrasting color from the body color. Minimum 5-inch high numbers required on front corner of windshield and rear of car must be noticeable.
- There must be a raised number on roof for Hit To Pass cars.

Race Day Rules & Information


- Under no circumstances is anyone allowed on the track, except Technical and Track Officials. Fines and or loss of points and or suspension will be levied. Track is defined as the paved track surface as well as the infield area surrounding the pits.
- No pit crew or drivers, except Executive in the Tower during races or until race results are tabulated.
- No loading or unloading on the track or access roads. No loading up in the pit area while the races are on.
- No parking of tow vehicles or trailers in pit area during races.
- No hot lapping on race dates until the flag stand is manned and equipped by a Track Official or appointed club member.
- No passengers in race vehicles or on trailers while on Penticton Speedway Property, unless race vehicle is equipped with an approved passenger racing seat and harness.
- All participants must have a broom in their pit stall and be ready to use when needed. If not, driver will be fined.
- No race vehicles on the track after the last race of the day. Violators will be fined and or suspended, at the discretion of the Protest and Executive Committees.
- Spectator safety dictates no vehicles in or out of pits for 20 minutes after completion of the final race.

Division of Classes (A,B,C):

- Division of a class is based on time trials, with cars divided into 2 Heats. The top half (fastest) cars will become the "A" class, and the bottom half (slowest) cars will become the "B" class.
- If there are less than 12 cars, on any given day, only one Main Event will be held, but two Heats may be run.
- If an odd number of cars are timed-in, the extra car will be in the "A" class (e.g. 15 cars timed-in, there will be 8 cars in the "A" class and 7 cars in the "B" class)
- Most races are run in reverse handicap. Cars line-up slowest to the fastest. See Main Event exception.

Time Ins:

- A driver can only time in one car per class.
- Points awarded to car, not driver.
- Cars not timed-in will get last place time-in points.
- Line-up for times-ins is at the direction of Pit Boss.
- Once receiving one timed lap, time trails will be considered complete for that car. Exceptions, equipment failure or Tower error.
- Cars not timed in go to the back of the "B" cars for the "B" Main event. If the car then qualifies for the "A" Main, the car then goes to the back of the "A" Main.

Time in Procedure:

- Flagman waves car onto track.
- Start parade / warm up lap to green flag.
- Run two consecutive timed laps to checkered flag.
- The faster of these two laps determines position.
- Before timing in, cars may be allowed one additional lap at the discretion of the Flagman, time permitting.
- Once receiving one timed lap, time trials will be considered complete for that car. Exceptions: equipment failure or Tower error.
- Cars not timed in go to the back of the "B" cars for the "B" Main Event. If the car then qualifies for the "A" Main, the car then goes to the back of the "A" Main.
- Tower is to be informed of any changes.

Track Record:

- The track record can be broken on any race day with the use of electronic equipment.
- If the track record is broken both timed laps must be consistent (2/10ths of a second). If a car times-in within 1/10th of a second of an existing record, the driver may attempt to set a track record. The original qualifying time is forfeited therefore the car lines up according to the second qualifying time.
- An attempt to break a record must be made within 15 minutes of original time-in.
- Where a track record is broken, the Technical Committee must check the car immediately.

Trophy Dashes:

- "A" Dash consist of the four fastest "A" cars.
- "B" Dash consists of the four fastest "B" cars.

Main Events:

- Regular race day, maximum of 22 cars.
- Special and invitational events, maximum of 22 cars.
- If two Main Events are held for one class, the four top finishers of the "B" Main may qualify to transfer to the "A" Main Event, subject to maximum number of cars per "A" Main.
- All "B" cars that transfer to the "A" Main must forfeit their points for the "B" Main.
- "A" cars line-up in reverse handicap (slowest to fastest) "B" cars line-up at the back of the "A" cars, in order of finish of the "B" Main. Example, fourth place finisher in the "B" Main would line up at the back of the pack.
- If at any time, in a Main Event, only three cars remain racing and there is no change of position, the Flagman may call the race as completed after the third unchanged lap. The Flagman's decision is final.
- Top three finishers of all Main Events will be inspected immediately after event. Proceed to Tech. Area before returning to your pit. The "Tech Area" is off limits to everyone except Technical and Track Personnel during this time.

Exception to Main Line-up:

- Slow and or inexperienced drivers may be lined up at the back of the pack, at the discretion of Track Officials (e.g. If a car times in 1 second slower than the fastest time, that car will go to the back of the pack)
- Final line-up is at the discretion of Track Officials.


- To participate in any given race, the driver must take the initial (first) green flag. Driver must wait for the Pit Boss or Flagman to signal before entering onto track.
- On the initial green flag, no passing before reaching the start/finish line.

Yellow and Red Flags:

- After a red flag has been thrown, the line-up will be determined from the last completed green lap.
- A car or cars involved in a yellow flag being thrown will go to the back of the pack.
We race to the yellow with caution.


- Single file restarts, racing begins once green flag is thrown.
- In the case of an offending car or cars receiving a black flag, cars involved that do not receive a black flag will regain their position.

Pit Stops:

- If a car needs service, it must pit. Do not stop in pit entrance/exit area.
- Cars must go to the rear of the re-start line-up.
- If racing has resumed, please follow directions of Pit Boss and or Flagman.
- When re-entering the race the car must not interfere with cars racing on the track.


- In the event of an accident, Safety Personnel, at the direction of the Flagman, must check the driver.
- Driver must not leave area of accident until given approval of the Safety crew.
- Under no circumstances, is anyone allowed on the track, except Safety personnel. Fines and/or loss of points and/or suspensions will be levied.
If there is an accident, once the Safety Personnel has arrived and only if they require the car's crew for assistance the crew may attend the car, at the Safety Personnel and/or Pit Boss's direction.
- No one is allowed on the track without permission of the Flagman or Pit Boss.
- If sweepers are required Track Officials will call them. Minimum $5 fine will be levied for each car that does not bring a broom. Additional $5 fine will be levied if broom is not used when requested by Track Officials.
- In the case of an offending car or cars receiving a black flag, cars involved that do not receive a black flag will regain their position.
- A car that causes 2 yellow flags in one race may receive a black flag.


- A race day will be called as a rain-out if racing is cancelled prior to intermission due to weather.
- No cash refunds, tickets can be used for any Penticton Speedway regular scheduled race.


- Click here for Protest Form
- Pit boss will act as a mediator or to answer any questions in the pits
- Inquiries must be made to the Pit Boss and must be made in an appropriate and civil manner.
- All protests must be submitted in writing within 20 minutes of the end of that race event, and must be accompanied by $25.00 cash.
- The protest must be given to the Pit Boss who will direct the protest to the executive.
- Only club members in good standing are eligible to file a protest.
- Verbal protest will not be allowed.
- All parties involved will be consulted, ie: Tower Personnel, Flagman etc. as deemed appropriate to each situation.
- The person signing the protest must be available while the protest is being dealt with.

Engine Protests:

- Sportsman $500.00 in cash deposit is required.
- Streetstock $300.00 in cash deposit is required.
- The Protest must be presented in writing to the Pit Boss within 20 minutes of the end of the " A " Main event.
- The engine will be torn down by the car crew under the scrutiny and the direction of the Tech/Protest committee. Tear down will take place in a separate area. No unauthorized persons allowed.
- An illegal engine constitutes loss of all points and awards to date.
If the engine is deemed illegal, then the cash deposit will be returned to the person who has signed the protest.
- The Tech personnel have the option to tear down an engine after the Main event on any race day. If the engine is deemed LEGAL. Penticton Speedway will award half the protest amount to the owner/driver.

Tech/Protest Committee:

- Will consist of the Tech committee:
Brian Poppe
Johnny Aantjes
- A minimum of 3 must be present, in order to deal with a protest or incident
- The Executive and Tech protest committee will have the final decision on interpretation of all rules and penalties
- Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated

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