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Harvest 200 Street Stock Rule Package and Pertinent Information

Greetings, racers,

We're here to provide you with the rule package and crucial details for the forthcoming Harvest 200 event.

First and foremost please be respectful and this is the Championship race for the Street Stock class.

Event Rules
We will be running a similar rule package to what was ran at the Gordy Manus race this year.
The rules set by your home track will apply, with exceptions as detailed below.

Pre-Registration and Rule Submission
We respectfully request all racers to pre-register for this event and submit a digital copy of your home track
rules to before September 27th. If a digital copy isn't available, you must
bring a printed version to the tech inspection on Saturday morning.

Friday Evening Practice and BBQ
On Friday evening, there will be a free practice session from 5 PM to 8PM. 
Following that, a barbecue will be held for participants $10.

Saturday's Street Stock Events
2-15 lap heats
1-100 lap main event.

Tire Regulations
Cars run their home track rules including tires (can opt to change to P265s) 
Island cars Hoosier 970 
Agassiz cars A970

Penticton cars P265's
4 tire rule for race day....if you need another tire it must be a
used tire....declared and marked before racing starts.

Weight Specifications
All cars run to their home track rules with a few exceptions.
Left side weight 55%
Stock floorboards and front firewall 56%, Rear weight 48%
Total weight for crates see Penticton rules.
Built engines 3200lbs. (6500rpm chip)
All weights with driver in. The same allowances
 for variance as Penticton
rules allow.

Frame Height
Minimum 6" hide height measured to the bottom of the frame rail, measured with the driver 
out of the car.

Payouts and Tow as follows

Island Cars/Saskatchewan/Alberta - $500
Tow out of town $300 B.C.

1st - $1000
2nd - $600                  3rd -  $300

These rules and particulars are designed to ensure fairness and adherence to standards during the 
Harvest 200 event. We trust this information will assist you in preparing for the race. We look forward
to your participation at the Speedway.

For more details
Please call Shawn Lapp @ 780 832 6392 or email

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