Penticton Speedway Street Stock/Stock Car Rules



1. Interpretation of these rules is at the discretion of Penticton Speedway. Their decision is final.

2. These rules are designed to be restrictive. This is a Street Stock/Stock Car class. All interpretations of rules are to be made by Penticton Speedway. If you are unsure of how to interpret a specific rule, please ask for clarification. Each Racer is responsible for knowing and understanding the rules.

3. In the event that a ruling needs to be made in regards to something that isn’t specifically covered in the rules, Penticton Speedway will consult with Drivers/Owners, and appropriate 3rd parties to determine the most fair decision.


Running Rules

1. Please see Penticton Speedway Running Rules


Transponders & Raceceivers

1. Transponders are mandatory... and Raceceivers TBD.

a. Transponders must be on your car at all times, including all practice sessions.

b. Any driver found to not have an operational raceceiver is subject to loss of points or being parked. ...TBD

2. Transponders should be mounted on the right rear frame rail 12” from the axle centreline.


Driver Safety & Eligibility

1. Safety:

a. Head & Neck restraints are highly recommended.

b. Full containments seats are highly recommended.

c. Aluminum racing seats are required and must be mounted directly to the roll cage with a minimum of 4 - ⅜” steel bolts. 2 in the driver seat area, and 2 in the driver shoulder area.

d. A minimum of a five point 3” wide Seat Belt harness is required. Must be manufactured for racing use. Must be properly mounted to the roll cage utilizing manufacturer guidelines.

e. Seat Belt Harnesses must have date tags and cannot be more than 5 years old. Belts without date tags will be considered expired.

f. Window nets are mandatory. Must be properly mounted to the roll cage and fill the window opening appropriately. Latch must be a metal to metal harness style seat belt mechanism.

g. Minimum single layer nomex driving suits are mandatory. Double Layer suits and fireproof underwear highly recommended.

h. Fireproof racing shoes are highly recommended.

i. Fireproof racing gloves are mandatory.

j. Steering Wheel pads are mandatory.

k. Snell 2005 or newer full face helmets are mandatory. No motorcycle helmets.

l. Each Car MUST have a minimum 2 lbs Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher mounted with a quick release bracket inside the driver compartment within reach of the driver.

2. Eligibility:

a. All competing Driver’s must be in good standing with Western/Penticton Speedway....memberships.

b. Driver changes during an event night are not allowed, unless approved by Penticton Speedway.


Championship Eligibility

1. Single & Multi Driver teams are allowed

a. Single Drivers:

i. Single Drivers are allowed a maximum of 2 backup driver’s per season.

ii. A valid reason (health, work, financial, family) must be presented and approved by Western/Penticton Speedway for the use of a backup driver to be approved.

iii. All backup drivers must be approved by Western / Penticton Speedway.

iv. Extenuating circumstances beyond what is outlined here will be reviewed by Penticton Speedway.

b. Multi Driver Teams:

i. Driver Teams will be acknowledged as such. A single driver will not be given credit for accomplishments of a Driver Team.

ii. Driver Teams must register at the beginning of the season.

iii. Driver Teams are not allowed backup drivers

iv. Extenuating circumstances beyond what is outlined here will be reviewed by Penticton Speedway.



1. North American Stock Production cars only.

2. Convertibles, & Station Wagons are not allowed.

3. An aftermarket firewall and cockpit/floor pan may be used. Must be constructed using same gauge steel as stock. Cars using this option must mount a 15lbs blocks of lead on the chassis A & B post just above the stock frame.

4. All bodies must utilize factory stock or same as stock replacement: steel roof, quarter panels,front fenders, & hood. Skinning of hood & fenders is allowed. Composite bodies allowed with 50 lbs. penalty....25lbs. penalty for composite hood if remainder of car is steel.

5. Aftermarket doors,trunk lid, nose cone, & tail cones are allowed.

6. Front & Rear Firewalls, as well as floor boards must be completely sealed for Fire Safety.

7. Stock Windshield or replacement Lexan is required with straps, riveted every 6”.

8. Quarter Panel windows are allowed

9. Rear windows are allowed. Must be clear. No tinting.

10. Side windows are allowed, but must be a maximum of 12”long, measured from the intersection of the A-post and door.

11. 1” x 2” Rub Rails are allowed. Each end must be tapered and have a welded cap.

12. Rear spoiler is allowed. Max 6 ” tall, 60.5” wide.

13. See G-Body Dimension Sheet


1. Cars must utilize a North American Stock Production frame/chassis (1965 or newer) 108” Minimum wheelbase.

2. Stock unaltered OEM frames with original OEM suspension mounting locations ONLY. Wheelbase must remain Stock unaltered for frame being used.

3. Minimum 6” Frame Height. Measured to the bottom of the frame,on the left side, at the body mount holes. Driver in the carfor all weights and measurements.

4. All cars must use a stock transmission crossmember in stock location. Notching for exhaust pipe clearance is allowed.

5. Stock C-channel frame extending from front to rear clips on full frame Cars may be boxed or connected from side to side with an “X”.

6. Uni-body cars minimum 4.5” ride height measured at left side sub frame, may install subframe connectors. Minimum 2” x 3” 0.120 wall tubing.

7. Fabricated rear clips are allowed on coil spring cars, but cannot extend further forward than the axle centreline.

8. Fabricated rear clips are allowed on leaf spring cars. Front and rear spring mounts must remain at stock datum points.

9. Jacking bolts are NOT permitted.....must be welded.

10. No solid engine mounts....stock OEM engine mounts only.



1. All steering components must remain stock to frame being used.

2. All control arms must remain stock. (Front & Rear)

3. Offset (problem solver) Cross shafts are allowed in upper control arms.

4. Spindles must be stock to manufacturer.

5. Same as stock replacement Urethane bushings are allowed. No steel bushings.

6. Stock dimension replacement ball joints are allowed.

7. Springs:

a. Must remain in stock location.

b. Steel racing springs are allowed.

c. Coil springs must be a minimum of 5” diameter.

d. Adjustable spring spacers are allowed.

e. Adjustable leaf spring shackles are allowed.

f. Lowering blocks are allowed.

8. Shocks:

a. Racing shocks are allowed.

b. Recognized manufacturers will be AFCO, PRO, & INTEGRA

c. Maximum allowable valving stiffness is a 7.

d. Maximum 1 shock per wheel.

e. Steel body only. No remote reservoirs.

f. Must be a Non-adjustable, Non-rebuildable, sealed shock.

g. No high pressure gas shocks.

h. Relocation of shocks is allowed.

Mounting of shocks through the upper control arms is not allowed.

9. Sway bars:

a. Must be stock and mount in stock OEM location with stock style bushings and brackets.

b. Adjustable sway bar links are allowed.



1. Front Calipers must remain stock for spindle being used.

2. Rotor/Hub must be Stock or same as Stock replacement. ⅝” Wheel studs and 1” lug nuts are mandatory. Thread on Studs must completely pass through Lug nuts.

3. Rear brake shoes & drums must remain stock for frame being used on all rearend options.

4. Master cylinder must be stock. Multiple master cylinders are NOT allowed.

5. Proportioning valves are allowed.

6. Steel braided flex brake hoses are allowed.

7. No aluminum brake parts are allowed.


Transmissions & Rearends

1. General:

a. All Driveline components must be Stock, or approved stock replacement.

b. Stock steel driveshafts only. Universals may be changed to work with ford 9” rearend.

2. Automatic Transmissions:

a. Must be a stock production transmission with stock gear ratios.

b. Functionality must remain stock.

c. Removal of any gears including reverse is not allowed.

d. Stock operational torque converters only.

e. Torque converters must be a minimum of 11” diameter.

f. Oil coolers are allowed.

3. Standard Transmissions:

a. Must be a stock production transmission with stock gear ratios.

b. Functionality must remain stock.

c. Removal of any gears including reverse is not allowed.

d. Clutch:

i. Must be stock style & weight.

ii. Flywheel must be stock, unaltered, & a minimum of 10.5” diameter.

iii. No exotic clutch kits

iv. Hydraulic or mechanical release bearings are allowed.

e. Bellhousing must be a Steel scatter shield.

f. .A fabricated 3/16” steel 180 degree shield around a cast bell housing will also be allowed.

4. Stock Rearends:

a. Rearend housings must be unaltered stock.

b. Rearend housing must be stock for frame being used.

c. Fabricated spring & shock mounts are allowed.

d. Must use stock style (rubber or urethane) bushings in housing. NO steel.

e. Rearends must be Open (operational spider gears), or locked.

f. Mini Spools are allowed.

g. “C” clip eliminators are allowed.

5. Ford 9” Rearends:

a. The only approved 9” housing is the Quick Performance style G-body replacement. This housing is a direct replacement for a GM 10 bolt. It has the exact same pickup points.

b. Rearend housing must remain as produced. Alterations are not permitted.

c. 3rd Member/Gear set must use a stock steel case & full weight steel spool.

d. Lightweight axles are not permitted.

e. Must use stock style (rubber or urethane) bushings in housing. NO steel.

f. Please contact Penticton Speedway management Technical officials if you wish to use a Ford 9” in a chassis other than a GM G-body.



1. 3200lbs. Base weight minimum at all times, including after the race with driver (no refueling after the race)

2. Metric Cars with stock front firewall, stock floor boards, and stock spindles will receive a 100 lbs weight break.

3. Races longer than 50 laps will have a ½ lbs. per lap over 50 laps allowance.

4. 55.0% Maximum left side weight at all times.

5. 48.0% Maximum Rear weight at all times.



1. Batteries must be securely mounted in an angle iron or equivalent base utilizing a bolt on clamp style mount to hold battery in.

2. Marine style battery boxes are mandatory if the battery is mounted in the driver compartment.

3. All cars must have a Battery master disconnect On/Off switch mounted to the right rear side of the main cage/main hoop. It must be clearly marked On/Off. The disconnect MUST be used to break power in the positive battery cable, not the negative.

4. All cars MUST be wired in a manner that if the Battery disconnect switch is turned off the car will not continue running.


Tire & Wheels

1. Maximum 8” wide steel racing wheels only. No stock or homemade wheels.

2. Wheels must have a Minimum 2” backspace.

3. Bleeder Valves are not allowed.

4. Maximum of ½” wheel spacer per wheel is allowed.

5. AR P265 Tire is mandatory.

6. Altering of Tires in any manner to obtain a performance advantage is NOT allowed. NO exceptions.

7. Right side tires must be a 27.0” tall tire

8. Left sides can be 26.5” or 27.0”



1. A commercially manufactured fuel cell is mandatory. Max 22 US gallons

2. Must be specifically designed and manufactured for racing.

3. A minimum 20 gauge steel fuel cell container is mandatory.

4. Rollover/check valve balls are mandatory on all tank lines.

5. Cell must be mounted between the rear frame rails of the chassis, no lower than 12” from the ground.

6. A square tubing cage, or equivalent angle iron & flat bar mounting system is mandatory.

7. A fuel cell protection bar is mandatory.

8. Pump or Race fuel only. No alcohol or exotic fuels.

9. Any mechanical fuel pump allowed. No electric pumps.

Engine Rules


1. MSD Rev Limiter:

a. All engine packages must utilize a MSD part #8278 rev limiter with a RPM chip.

i. GM Crate Engine - 5800 RPM

ii. Built Engine - 6500 RPM

iii. All wiring for rev limiter must be clearly visible and traceable for tech.

iv. Must function at all times. No exceptions.


2. Package A - Built Engines.

a. General:

i. Unless specifically identified in these rules all parts must be automotive OEM Stock or OEM replacement for engine being run.

ii. Marine parts are not acceptable replacements for automotive OEM stock.

iii. GM, FORD, & CHRYSLER performance racing parts are not acceptable replacements for automotive OEM stock.

iv. Two side by side Intake Manifold bolts must have pre-drilled heads for Tech to install a seal.

v. Engine must be Corporation to Corporation with chassis being used and mounted in stock location.

vi. Any steel wet sump oil pan is allowed.

b. Engine Blocks:

i. Cylinder deck may be machined for clean up and truing only.

ii. Zero decking is not allowed.

iii. No lightening or altering of engine blocks.

iv. Aftermarket steel Main caps are allowed.

v. Camshaft tunnel must remain of stock dimensions.

vi. Displacements are as follows: (bore x stroke + overbore = Max Displacement)

1. Chev 350 c.i. 4.00" x 3.48" + .060" = 360 c.i. MAX

2. Ford 351 c.i. 4.00" x 3.50" + .060" = 363 c.i. MAX

3. Chry 340 c.i. 4.04" x 3.313" + .060" = 350 c.i. MAX

4. Chry 360 c.i. 4.00" x 3.578" + .030" = 364 c.i. MAX

vii. Lifter bores must remain stock size:

1. Chev 350 = .842"

2. Ford 351 = .874"

3. Chry 340 = .904"

4. Chry 360 = .904"

viii. Steel timing chain and gears only.

c. Camshafts & Lifters:

i. Hydraulic or solid flat tappet Camshafts only.

ii. Hydraulic or solid flat tappet lifters only.

iii. Anti pump up lifters are allowed

iv. Lifter diameters must remain stock for engine block being used.


d. Crankshafts:

i. Stock OEM or aftermarket Stock Style replacement crankshaft, minimum weight 48.5 lbs, are allowed.

ii. Stock stroke must be maintained.

iii. No strokers or lightweight cranks allowed.

iv. Recognized part #’s are as follows:

1. Scat 4-350-3480-5700

2. Scat 9-10442

3. Eagle 4305348057sp*

4. Eagle 435034805700

5. Eagle 103503480(CM)

v. If you choose to use a crankshaft other than one of the recognized Part #’s provided, it is your responsibility to present it to Western/Penticton Speedway Management/Tech for approval BEFORE use.

e. Connecting Rods:

i. Stock OEM or aftermarket replacement rods are allowed.

ii. Eligible aftermarket Part #’s:

1. Eagle SIR5700BBLW

2. Eagle SIR5700BPLW

3. SCAT ICR5700P

4. SCATICR5700

iii. OEM rod length must be maintained at all times.

iv. No lightweight aftermarket rods allowed.

v. Balancing of rotating assemblies is allowed. No removal of serial numbers or manufactures emblems.

f. Pistons:

i. Flat top or Domed pistons are allowed.

ii. Maximum 0.125 dome allowed.

iii. Flat top pistons must be used with cylinder heads having a chamber size less than 74cc

iv. Domed pistons may be used with cylinder heads having a chamber size of 74cc or greater.

v. Maximum Compression ratio 11:1

g. Cylinder Heads:

i. Vortec heads are not allowed.

ii. Unaltered stock cast iron O.E.M. production cylinder heads only. Cylinder heads showing any signs of alteration in anyway other than outlined in the rule book, will be deemed illegal.

iii. Machining for screw in studs and guide plates is allowed.

iv. Opening of push rod slots in cylinder heads is allowed.

v. Steam relief holes may be drilled to a larger size. Multi angle valve job permitted.

vi. New valve seats are allowed.

vii. No grinding or blending of bowl into bottom cut of valve job.

viii. No titanium or hollow stem valves.

ix. Maximum Valve Sizes are as follows:

1. G.M. 1.94” intake 1.60” exhaust

2. Ford 2.04” intake 1.66” exhaust

3. Chrysler 2.02” intake 1.60” exhaust

x. Stock diameter replacement valve springs and retainers or Comp valve springs part #26981 with retainer part #787 hardened keepers are allowed.

xi. Rocker arms must be unaltered Stock or Stock replacement. No Roller Rockers of any kind.

h. Water Pump & Pulleys:

i. Stock standard length water pumps only....

ii. Acceptable aluminum water pumps...edelbrock short#8810, long#8811, Stewart Warner short#23103,long #23113, Performance world short #9039, long #9041, Allstar # to follow

iii. Stock or aftermarket pulleys are allowed with max 30% reduction.

i. Intake Manifold:

i. Stock unaltered Cast iron 2bbl intake manifold only.

ii. Stock highrise/marine manifolds are not allowed.

j. Distributors:

i. Stock style & functioning HEI distributors only.

ii. MSD part # 8362 is the only aftermarket distributor allowed.

iii. Accel Module part # 35361 is allowed.

iv. Vacuum advance may be disabled or removed.

k. Carburetor:

i. Stock unaltered 2bbl carburetors only.

ii. 1 11/16 inch max throttle bore size....1 and 3/8” max venture size

iii. Carburetor spacers are not allowed.

iv. Carburetor adapters are not allowed.

v. An air cleaner is mandatory.

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