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The Penticton Speedway many different food trucks at every event offering different types of cuisine! From burgers to Poke bowls to smoked meats there is always something delicious to enjoy during the entertainment! Snacks and beverages are available at our marked Penticton Speedway tents.

The Penticton Speedway

Food & Drinks

The Penticton Speedway has some amazing seating for the fans! With the new upgrades, we have added 3 massive grandstands, a new tailgate section, and a lawn chair section!   A general admission pass gives you access to the entire facility, no assigned seating but it is first come first serve. Never fear! There are no bad seats at Penticton Speedway.


Tailgate Seating 

Watch the races from the back of your Truck/SUV! With the amazing view and personal touch on comfortability, the tailgate section is sold out at almost every event for good reason!

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The Penticton Speedway always has some awesome merchandise that is made for everyone! From T-shirts to hats to event special hoodies there is bound to be an awesome design that will catch your eye! Can't make it to the event but still want some of the awesome merchandise? You can buy them online in our shop but make sure you buy before your size is sold out!



Looking for the accessible parking and seating?  We have a disabled parking area, and if it is full you can always drop off your racefans at the entrance where there are no stairs.  We have the lawn chair seating along the front straight which is great for those with wheel chairs and mobility issues.  If you are worried reach out to our team! 


Parking & Accessibility

Our 5 lot multi-level parking lots can handle over 400 vehicles per event. (You may need to put in some steps if you arrive late).

The parking lot opens just before the gates open. Our parking staff will direct you.   Parking is Free for the 2024 Season, but for larger events, we recommend carpooling!

We have spots set aside in the middle bench for disabled parking. You will always be able to drop off your guests at the gate before parking if that area is full.

Accessible Seating: Bring a lawn chair and pick your own spot or take advanage of our lower bleachers. 

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