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Catch the 2024 Racing Season

Save the date for next season's best racing action.

Penticton Speedway, the hub of adrenaline-fueled motorsports action, is thrilled to announce an electrifying lineup for the 2024 racing season. With a focus on premier racing classes and marquee events, the Speedway promises fans a season packed with high-octane excitement.

Annual Western Rattler 300: Late Model Class Takes Center Stage

Date: July 6 & 7

Highlighting the Western Rattler 300, the Late Model Class brings together top-tier racers from Western Canada and the US. A two-day spectacle of qualifying and racing, this event is the pinnacle of Canadian racing, offering competitors the chance to claim the largest purse in western Canada.

Feedway 500 / Gordy Mannes Memorial: RPR Street Stocks Shine in August

Date: August 3 & 4

In August, the Speedway hosts the marquee Feedway 500 / Gordy Mannes Memorial race weekend, showcasing the RPR Street Stocks. Gordy Mannes was the most successful driver at the Penticton Speedway through the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. As a driver, he was the guy everyone wanted to beat, he won more championships than anyone. He also was involved with building cars and helping others, and there was also a period when he managed the track — Gordy has done it all. Gordy was known to work hard and play harder, a tradition that lives on at the Speedway through this event.

Legend Class Championship: A Season-Long Battle

Date: Six race weekends throughout the season

Penticton Speedway introduces the inaugural Legend Class Championship, featuring six race weekends. Known for their unique appeal and fan-favorite status, the Legend Class promises intense competition and captivating racing moments. Last season, two official race events were held with a strong car count at both races.

Open Wheel Sprint Cars, Can-Am Series, and Midgets Return in June

Date: June 7 & 8

June marks the return of Open Wheel Sprint Cars, Can-Am Series, and Midgets, captivating fans with their lightning-fast maneuvers and exhilarating competition. The Northwest Sprint Tour partners with the Speedway to field the fastest weekend on the schedule. These cars are a fan favorite of our touring series.

Avion Motorsports RS1 Series: Mid-Summer and October Showdown with special feature race Legends

Date: Jul 20th & Oct 5

The Avion Motorsports RS1 is a purpose-built two-seater track car, a driver development platform for all levels. They are identically prepared race cars boasting 450 V-8 horsepower through a 4-speed gearbox to racing slick tires. The  RS1s are kept in-house and are always ready for action! The Avion RS1 provides adrenaline-pumping action that always keeps fans on the edge of their seat.

The Avion Motorsports RS1 Series starts its Speedway races on July 20th and then will conclude its season with a finale at the oval on Oct 5th. At both events, the Legend class will be racing for Championship points in their inaugural season at the Speedway. The Oct 5th race will be the Championship race for both groups.

Drifting Events: Unleashing the Excitement

Date: TBD

Adding to the diversity, Capital Drift will be hosting an invitational drifting event for the second season, showcasing the artistry and skill of drifters on the track.

Attracting Motorsports Enthusiasts: A Real Hub for Fans

Penticton Speedway continues to be a hotspot for motorsports enthusiasts, drawing thousands of fans from the immediate area and throughout the lower mainland. The Speedway's commitment to delivering top-notch racing ensures an unforgettable experience for every attendee. The increase in car counts, classes, and fans is a true showcase of the global interest in motorsports at the local level.

Rules and Information for Racers:

For racers seeking information and rules for the upcoming season, detailed guidelines have been posted on the Penticton Speedway website:

The 2024 racing season at Penticton Speedway promises to be a relentless pursuit of speed, skill, and championship glory. Racing enthusiasts are invited to buckle up for a season that will leave hearts pounding and engines roaring.

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