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The Latest Event Updates from Penticton Speedway!

Event updates that promise even more thrills! Here are the latest updates to our events!

Malicious Monster Truck Day 1 - Time Change Alert 🕔

Penticton Speedway is tweaking the schedule for the Day 1 Malicious Monster Truck show. To make sure you get the most out of your experience, the Day 1 show now kicks off at 5:00 PM, with gates swinging open at 2:30 PM. That's more time for fun, food, and, of course, monstrous truck action!

Malicious Monster Truck: Tough Trucks Join The Show!

We added an addition to the show! Now introducing the Tough Truck challenge! It is open to the public to join the Tough Truck Challenge. Can your vehicle handle our jump and obstacle course and win the fastest time plus the fan votes?! Get your truck/car/SUV or whatever you have ready for the challenge and put on a show for the fans! No entry fees.

Prize Money - (fastest time through the course)

$150 1st Place

$75 2nd Place

$50 3rd Place

Prize Money - (performance and crowd reactions)

$150 Crowd Favourite

$150 Biggest Air

$150 Biggest Ouch!

  • 10 competitors per day

  • No entry fees.

  • The same truck can enter on both days.

  • DOT or Snell full-face helmets.

  • Regular seat belts are fine.

  • No roll cage is required.

  • Any production vehicle that you think you can get through the course. (Truck, car, semi, motorhome, etc)

  • The course is a series of jumps and “obstacles”

  • One vehicle at a time.

  • Entries must be signed up in advance to ensure a spot.

  • Competitors must arrive and be positioned 0:30 minutes prior to the start of the Monster Truck event.

  • Competitors must attend the driver's meeting.

Open Wheel Extravaganza: Day 1 Change of Schedule

Day 1 of the Open Wheel Extravaganza is taking a sharp turn with a lineup change. Day 1 of the Open Wheel Extravaganza will only feature the Can-am Wingless sprints and will no longer feature the Winged Sprints. But don't worry, winged sprints enthusiasts: your favorites will still tear up the track on Day 2. Plus, we're upping the ante with an added King of the Hill challenge. The Tickets prices for Day 1 have been changed to the following:

Day 1 Ticket Prices

Adults - $15

Senior - $5

Youth - $5

Children - FREE

Western Rattler 300: Ticket Pricing and Schedule 🚗💨

Day 1 of the Western Rattler 300 will now only feature the Street Stock series and a Late Model practice session (No Late Model racing on day 1). But that's not all – we're introducing a King of the Hill competition with a $150 prize for the victor! It's your chance to witness grassroots racing at its finest. Updated ticket prices for Day 1 are the following:

Adults - $15

Youth - $10

Senior - $10

Children - FREE

Summer Smash: Switching Gears 🔄

We're swapping out the Youth Hornet race for the fiercely competitive Street Stock series. It's a change that promises to bring even more action and intensity to the track.

King of the Hill: By Popular Demand 🏁

You asked, and we delivered – more King of the Hill races are coming your way! The fan-favorite event will now be featured in the following events:

Day 2 of the Open Wheel Extravaganza - June 8th

The OK Shootout - June 22nd

Day 1 of the Western Rattler 300 - July 5th

Both Avion RS1 Events - July 20th & October 5th

the Speedway Spooktacular. - October 26th

It's your chance to see the kings and queens of the hill battle it out for racing glory. Don't miss out on the action – plan your visit now, and let's make this season the best one yet! See you at the track! 🏁


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