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Prize Money

(Based on best time through course)

$150 1st Place

$75 2nd Place

$50 3rd Place

Prize Money

(Based on performance

and crowd reactions)

$150 Crowd Favourite

$150 Biggest Air

$150 Biggest Ouch!


  • No entry fees.

  • 10 competitors per day

  • The Same truck can enter on both days.

  • DOT or Snell full face helmets.

  • Regular seat belts are fine.

  • No roll cage required.

  • Any production vehicle that you think you can get though the course. (Truck, car, semi, motorhome etc)

  • the Course is a series of jumps and “obstacles”

  • One vehicle at a time.

  • Entries must be signed up in advance to ensure a spot.

  • Competitors must arrive and be positioned 0:30 minutes prior to start of Monster Truck event.

  • Competitors must attend drivers meeting.

Tough Truck Registration

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