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The Speedway Spotlights

Race interviews!


Co-owner Trevor Seibert & Race Time Radio talk track improvements!

Trevor Seibertwith Race Time Radio
00:00 / 27:26

Trevor Seibert and Race Time Radio catch up on the 2022 season and talk about improvements going on that will have massive changes for the 2023 season! 

Tune in now!

Yianni Kyrtsos is locked and loaded for the Avion RS1 Superseal Cup

Yianni Kyrtsoswith Teagan on Bounce 97.1
00:00 / 03:16

The Penticton Speedway and Avion Motorsports are pleased to announce that Yianni Kyrtsos, a young talented racer, will be competing in the Avion Motorsports RS1 races on July 23rd and Aug 20th at the Penticton Speedway.


Ryley Seibert is ready to defend his home track for the Avion RS1 Superseal Cup

Ryley Seibertwith Teagan on Bounce 97.1
00:00 / 03:24

The Avion RS1 Superseal Cup Series is bringing a very deep field of talented drivers to the Penticton Speedway on Saturday, July 23rd. At the top of that talent pool is the current Series points leader Ryley Seibert. Ryley has been very consistent in 2022 and has won at Area27 and at the Saskatoon Oval.

Heino Seibert is fired up to show the fans what he can do in the Avion RS1 Superseal Cup!

Heino Seibertwith Teagan on Bounce 97.1
00:00 / 03:11

Heino Seibert in the #10 Spectra Power Sports car will be trying to pick up where he left off in Saskatoon. He consistently runs the #10 car near the front of the pack in the Avion RS1 Superseal Cup Series, and his oval experience will be evident at the Penticton Speedway on July 23rd


Noel Dowler is one to keep an eye out for in the Avion RS1 Superseal Cup!

Noel Dowlerwith Teagan on Bounce 97.1
00:00 / 02:25

Noel Dowler is looking to extend his winning streak in the Avion RS1 Superseal Cup Series.  Noel had a big win in the #35 in Saskatoon at Sutherland Automotive. Noel Proves himself at every race and has many years of experience in the Canadian Nascar Series. Now in his 2nd season in the Avion RSI Superseal cup, Noel's skills are coming to the forefront as he moves up the leader board and challenges for a win at every race. 

Sean McIntosh is ready to take on the competition for the Avion RS1 Superseal Cup!

Sean McIntosh with Teagan on Bounce 97.1
00:00 / 02:30

Sean McIntosh in the Kirmac Collision #24 is only 3 points behind in the season points Championship. Sean is a very skilled driver that raced open-wheel cars for 15 years in Europe and was last year's Avion RS1 Superseal Cup Champion. Sean has been getting consistently faster at the Penticton Speedway and will be pushing hard to finish ahead of Ryley Seibert in the Superseal #09 who currently leads the points. 

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